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R. Malik Green is the founder and President of LEARN TO EARN
TRANSPORTATION, headquartered in New York, NY. Clearly befitting, as he is a native of the very industrious Brooklyn, NY. Introduced to the
fundamentals of a strong business model in his adolescence via his
family’s successful real estate brokerage company and professional
mentor; a trusted, close relative. The innate seeds of leadership within him had been cultivated.

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For four decades R. Malik Green has been anoteworthy leader in the entrepreneurial industry; as well as community leader, mentor, and motivational speaker to countless mentees. Having structured a number of successful small businesses and amassing invaluable experience in general commerce, he’s a notable businessman--be sure to stay tuned to the powerful trajectory of his career path which boasts: forthcoming author, prolific podcast host, and wellness & healing advocate. An exceptional platform he is eager to build longevity, and his legacy upon!

Presently, R. Malik Green’s collection of business experience and successes includes 10+ years of managerial IT acumen within the medical industry, providing unparalleled training and support to a team of esteemed anesthesiologists. Evidently disciplined in this position, he dedicates an astounding 84 hours weekly. Undoubtedly highly competent and equippedfor this pivot in business…

Decidedly, his next season of lucrative enterprise will be infused with purpose and passion. It’s with this fervor and commitment he’s set to pay it forward- investing in and mentoring the next group of entrepreneurs. Mr. Green will launch this initiative through the exclusive Learn to Earn University, with the following curricula: training and mentorship, team-structuring, transport and logistics standards, business management, contract acquisition, project management, profit-through-strategic planning, industry-specific onboarding, etc. A unique educational-commerce model, which, will afford each apprentice the opportunity to prepare for success through its multi-leveled, collaborative efforts. Effectively implementing proven management methods, as well as highly sought-after transferable skills, acquired throughout his extraordinary career to date…Through this opportunity and with the instruction of Learn to Earn Transportation, be part of the successful 20% of businesses in an $800 million-dollar industry!

Connect with Malik

(302) 232-8062

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